Hi Cheshta,

It wouldn't hurt to try the UX field to see what you think of it from your own perspective/experience. I wrote about my own career in the field, but your experience might be much different.

I would try partnering with 1 or 2 people on a small project (product, UX or otherwise) to work through some of the process and go from there.

Hope that helps! If not, feel free to send over some more details and I can try and help further.

- R

“All I’m offering is the truth… nothing more.”

(Note: If you landed on this page and wondering where in the heck the other three parts are, you can find them here…)

Pretotyping is definitely easier than actual rock climbing… though you’ll get in better shape with the latter. 💪

Back in December, I started experimenting with pretotyping for my business, Dallas Design Sprints. The idea was the same as everything else I get involved with… in order to learn something properly, you have to put in applied practice.

My first experiment was with Miro Masters, a service that pairs…

I’ll take “Personalized Design Sprint Processes” for $300 Alex (btw, RIP to the legend that is Alex Trebek)

As we start the month of February, there are three initiatives related to the Global Virtual Design Sprint (or GVDS) that I’m undertaking:

  1. The creation of a self-paced learning series for practitioners of all skill sets to understand, learn and execute on the design sprint process.
  2. An open challenge submittal…

Picking a challenge for your sprint team in the GVDS is a lot like archery. It’s a long shot, but it’s doable. 🎯

After an extended offline conversation with Elisa Guardabasso on open innovation challenges, I have a pretty good idea of the structure we should use for our teams in GVDS6 this May.

Originally, the idea was to predominantly skew towards existing challenges by companies, organizations and groups that were looking for…

Not bad for 90 minutes of work over two days in the evening. If only I could read my own writing… 🤓

The framework for the main virtual design sprint teaching modules are done. Next steps are to port all of this into Trello for better tracking, scheduling and linking to related references. It’s also going to be time to open the Pandora’s box that is Podia and see if it’s really…

Robert Skrobe

I run Dallas Design Sprints, The Design Sprint Referral Network and Talent Sprints.

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