“All I’m offering is the truth… nothing more.”

Pretotyping is definitely easier than actual rock climbing… though you’ll get in better shape with the latter. 💪

I’ll take “Personalized Design Sprint Processes” for $300 Alex (btw, RIP to the legend that is Alex Trebek)
  1. The creation of a self-paced learning series for practitioners of all skill sets to understand, learn and execute on the design sprint process.
  2. An open challenge submittal…

Picking a challenge for your sprint team in the GVDS is a lot like archery. It’s a long shot, but it’s doable. 🎯
Not bad for 90 minutes of work over two days in the evening. If only I could read my own writing… 🤓

Robert Skrobe

I run Dallas Design Sprints, The Design Sprint Referral Network and Talent Sprints.

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